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With its current theatrical and educational release on hold, the beloved animation anthology premieres online March 27, 2020, delivering the “best of the best” to a global audience.

The ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS, a curated selection of the best animated short films created by students and professionals around the world, is coming to Vimeo. With theaters shuttered due to the COVID-19 virus, this special online presentation of past editions of the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS offers viewers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the joy, creativity and inspiration of the world’s best animated shorts.

More than simply a collection representing the unique visions of leading international artists, the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS is specifically designed to highlight the universality of shared ideals and remind us of the indomitability of the human spirit. Thus, it’s a particularly appropriate form of entertainment for these challenging times, providing welcome relief and reassurance.

Four editions of the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS, from the years 2015–2018, will be available for viewing on Vimeo. Comprising a total of 56 short films, the programs include the Oscar nominees “We Can’t Live Without the Cosmos,” “Weekends,” “One Small Step,” “Pearl,” and “World of Tomorrow.” The 2015 program, composed of 11 films, is available with subtitles in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, and Vietnamese. Created by men and woman of all ages from 20 different countries, the short films in the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS represent an outpouring of international and intergenerational creativity that underscores that what unites us is much greater than the arbitrary boundaries that divide us.

In conjunction with these special presentations of the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS, viewers will also be able to see two landmark award-winning films on Vimeo for the first time digitally remastered in 4K – Frédéric Back’s Oscar-winning “The Man Who Planted Trees” and in HD “Drawn from Memory” by Paul Fierlinger. Acclaimed as one of the most beautiful and inspiring animations ever made, “The Man Who Planted Trees” tells the story of a lone shepherd who transforms a barren valley into a thriving forest, demonstrating that a determined individual can make a true difference in the world. “Drawn from Memory” recounts the improbable but true story of the Czech filmmaker, who grew up in the U.S. as a war refugee, and was then forcibly returned to his Soviet-controlled country when his father became a senior official in Prague. Featuring such notable historical figures as poet and later Czech Republic President Václav Havel and film director Milos Forman (who voice their own characters), “Drawn from Memory” is a deeply moving personal reminiscence and an exceptional work of animation art.

For 21 years, the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS has been presenting a highly selective, “best of the best” program of new and innovative short films to appreciative audiences at animation studios, schools and, since 2015, theaters around the world. During this time, 41 of the films showcased in the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS went on to receive Academy Award nominations, with 11 films winning the Oscar. The ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS is a 501(c)(3) not for profit and is supported by major studios, companies, schools and hundreds of animation lovers around the world. Learn more about the films in current and past Animation Show of Shows and their makers by joining our mailing list at

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