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"A Mix of Whimsy and Dread. Themes include crises both personal and planetary, in tones ranging from whimsical to hopeful to vaguely apocalyptic. ...ingeniously evocative... melancholy, meditative... gentle song lyrics and artfully distorted figures into surreal vignettes on the stubbornness of pessimism. this primary-colored charmer delivers a timely plea for tolerance... its do-something message is one that never goes out of style." Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times
"breathtaking, something the French Impressionist painter Renoir might have produced had he gone into animation... hypnotic... exquisite... delightfully surreal... haunting... subliminal... rapid-fire... perfect... complex ideas of collective consciousness... funny and phantasmagoric... bittersweet... deeply moving... It’s amazing that simple lines can pack such an emotional punch." - Robert Bloomberg,
"rapid, rhythmic succession... entrancing and wordless... quietly unsettling... eerie... evoking a sense of disorientation... brilliantly incisive... plenty of humor... psychedelic panache... a bizarre charm... heartwarming... Theme and technique marry beautifully in this vision of an unbreakable connection. Gorgeously rendered...a variety of techniques and tones in a celebration of unconventional approaches to the medium... This is truly an unmissable chance to witness this extraordinary work." - Carlos Aguilar, Animation World Network
I found this year's grouping to be particularly fabulous... some of it is truly wondrous. ...informative, fun, and visually stunning... remarkable... extraordinary... Heartwarming and adorable. ...think Picasso or Braque with a decidedly edgy humor... the animation is some of the most complex and extraordinary I have seen...a respite from a world full of tension. ...a wonderful way entertained, informed, and intrigued. - Ian Alterman, Culture Catch
TOONS OF GLORY Time and space prohibit extensive critiques of all ten shorts, but rest assured this is a program well worth watching. In the 80’s and 90’s – CU Cinema screened “Animation Celebration” and “Spike and Mike”, among others - that showcased short works in all manner of mediums from around the world. The short length meant that you’d see CGI, hand-drawn pieces and stop-motion, all in one tight package. Cornell Cinema continues a winter tradition, screening “The 22nd Animation Show of Shows” on Saturday, January 28 at 7pm and Sunday, January 29 at 5pm. The program comprises ten shorts from Europe, Asia and North America: nine recent and one classic restored in 4K, Frederic Back’s 1987 Oscar-winning “The Man Who Planted Trees”. - Bryan VanCampen, The Ithaca Times
..."the real star of the program is The Man Who Planted Trees, which is one of the most beautiful, beloved and honored animated films in the history of the art form, and with good reason—This is Frédéric Back's masterpiece, an ecological parable about a humble peasant who restores vast swaths of land in southern France by planting thousands and thousands of oak trees. And—I—was moved to tears when I saw its premiere in 1987 at Annecy. It still makes me cry every time I see it, from the sincerity of its message, the beauty of its work, and also the fact that now I still miss Frédéric Back so much, he was a good friend. But it is altogether a glorious film and the chance to see it on a screen is not to be missed." - Charles Solomon, KPCC Film Week
"I found Empty Places mesmerizing in a good sense of the word. And there were a couple that were essentially built around Rhythm. Beyond Noh, which is masks from all over the world, flipping, flipping, flipping, and you see every culture possible all in about three and a half minutes. Something like 3750 masks. Also Zoizoglyphes, which was done by a 20 year-old French woman that is--I don't even know quite how to describe it. It's like a visualization of sound in a way that turns into content after a while. It's very abstract at first, and then it kind of morphs into something else. And I found that fascinating and very hopeful from somebody that young." - Andy Klein, KPCC Film Week
...very cool... an absolute magnificent piece of cinema... haunting... wicked... a story about recovery from tragic events, determination and commitment to make the world a better place. Stunning visuals... Hypnotic... Sweet. - Steve Kopian, Unseen Films. 
...impressive... visually dazzling... mysterious ... riotous... immediately overwhelming because of their gorgeous psychedelic imagery. Most cartoon fans should be able to find something to enjoy in the 2022 edition of “The Animation Show of Shows" - Simon Abrams, The Wrap


"whimsical... magical realism... liquid smoothness... solemn... unusual focal effects brings the piece into a dimension of its own...The best thing about “The 21st Annual Animation Show of Shows,” an anthology of animated shorts by students and professionals around the world, is the variety of modes and techniques presented.- Glenn Kenny, The New York Times
Visually arresting... charming, compelling personalities... seeing gender nonconformity onscreen was a life changer... perfectly enjoyable... bending the rules of space and time... human-like dog hears the call of the wild for the first time... A stylistically varied collection with nary a cutesy-pandering 'toon in the bunch... while casual ‘toon consumers would surely find a couple of them charming, this is a program aimed at connoisseurs, not kids. - John Defore, The Hollywood Reporter
brilliant pastel colors, imagery is never less than intriguing... gentle but moving... delightfully silly...absurd charm... a welcome reminder that in the hands of a talented artist, an animated film can make a statement as personal as a signature. Viewers weary of elaborately rendered studio CG fantasies will enjoy the originality and intimacy of the highly individual films in the Animation Show of Shows. - Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times
"deeply emotional... beautiful... mystical... dreamy... intimate... desire to become artists... devouring... unraveling... inspired... darkly funny"... As usual, the quality is stellar and there’s a pleasing variety in the works... This wonderful anthology of animation is poetic, humanist and poetical. And did I say it’s all beautifully made? If you want to see truly personal animated shorts, this show of shows is a must-see. - Mark Glassman, 
"truly amazing... overwhelming... stunning... visceral... surreal... delightful... wonderful... beautiful... magical... ominous... should be seen by as many people as possible... reduced me to a sobbing mess... Deeply moving... has an unexpected kick in the ass emotional ending. It is a nice way to end this collection of films. I do want to say that over all the collection is solid. While not for small children, some of the films deal with heavy subjects like death, growing up and peer pressure, all of the films will be fine for older kids and adults." - Steve Kopian, Unseen Films 


"In my view, at least, the best short-form animation — like the most memorable short stories — is daring in perspective and malleable in interpretation." highlights include films that are "...wonderfully original... dazzling... provocative... sticks a dagger in conformity…" - Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times
The annual “Animation Show of Shows” provides a welcome reminder that the art form can be used for more than CG studio features. The styles and subjects of the 15 films from six countries in the 20th edition demonstrate that in the right hands, animation can be a vehicle for personal expression as powerful and intimate as drawing, painting or sculpture. - Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times
If Animation at Its Most Awesome... Ranging from 70 seconds to 15 minutes, the works range from darkly funny to deeply moving, representing an impressive array of visual styles and moods. Running a little over an hour and a half, the entire program is a treat from start to finish. - Marina Zogbi, Art For Progress
If you are like me and wish to escape the madness unfolding  in our current daily news, then I prescribe a healthy dose of animation and urge you to leave your bunker and get yourself into a cinema this weekend to check out the Animation Show of Shows. Now in its 20th year, the Animation Show of Shows continues its ongoing mission to seek out and share a carefully chosen  crop of new animation from around the globe. - Purple, Movie Magazine International
The most prevalent theme this year is family and the power of a family’s love, and the shorts are never in short supply. an animation buff for years, I loved watching the new visions artists were offering fans of the medium. Through and through, “The Animation Show of Shows” is an entertaining and engrossing experience, proving that animation is a very versatile medium fit for any story. Felix Vasquez, Cinema Crazed
A Rich Variety of 15 New Internationally Acclaimed ShortsA delightful blend of films that range from an exceptional sea faring drama, THE AGE OF SAIL to a very funny and goofy cartoon comedy, THE GREEN BIRD - Karl Cohen,
A New Crop of Gems... ...each more different from the next, a cacophony of visual designs, narrative tones and musical styles that never fails to stimulate - Dan Sarto,
Animation is such a flexible and open-ended medium that it lends itself to exploring the innumerable aspects of what it means to be human.This year’s program, as much as any past presentations, really illuminates human strengths and foibles, and the bonds that unite us across cultures and generations. - G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle
Heartfelt... Masterful... Mind-Blowing...For more sensitive viewers, a lot of facial tissues will prove a necessary accompaniment for watching Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas’ incredibly heartfelt short “One Small Step.” It’s one of those masterful and rare films which will both emotionally wreck the viewer’s heart and make them grateful for the experience. - Peter Wong,
The 20th Animation Show of Shows Brings the Best New Short Works to Portland Highlights include two films with local ties.Life cycles abound in the 15 short works comprising this year's Animation Show of Shows, which comes to Cinema 21 this week. Whether for flightless green birds, grizzled sailors or amorphous blobs, the many existences portrayed in this curated lineup of animated shorts tend to loop, mirror each other or mutate into new existences altogether. - Chance Solem-Pfeifer, Willamette Week
Animation showcase offers 15 shorts, 2 Oscar nominees and 2 Portland connections15 moving, inspiring, humorous, conceptual and just plain entertaining short animated films from six countries that appear in the traveling showcase - Amy Wang, The Oregonian
This year’s Animation Show of Shows amuses more than astonishes. The piece that came closest to bowling me over was Grands Canons, a stop-motion animation by French artist Alain Biet. In this work, Biet assembles realistic drawings he's made of tools, writing implements, and other everyday objects, presenting one after another in a sort of cavalcade. I marveled at the specificity and verisimilitude of Biet's art as well as the sheer multitude of drawings he's produced. - Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader


An exceptional program that starts off strong and only gets better as it goes, the 19th Annual Animation Show of Shows overflows with charm while containing more provocative observations about the nature of existence than most prestige feature films do. Animators both obscure and famous show their wares here, in a program paced beautifully by Ron Diamond, who decided in 2015 to open his annual best-of DVD collections up to theatrical booking. Anyone who attends this third event will hope it stays public for years to come. - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter
Those who didn’t watch enough animation in 2017 will feel fully up to date after the “Animation Show of Shows,” an annual traveling program of shorts founded and curated by a producer, Ron Diamond, and showing at the Quad Cinema, starting on Friday.Like most omnibus programs, the offerings are a mixed bag, but this year’s 16 titles showcase a gratifying range of styles and subjects, with work that includes veterans and newcomers, the experimental and the commercial.- Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times
Appearing just in time to end the cinematic year on a high note is the wonderful collection of animated shorts THE ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS.Seriously these films are all kick ass which make this collection an absolute must if you love great filmmaking - never mind animation- most of these films transcend being labels just "cartoons". - Steve Kopian, Unseen Films"
This year’s lineup of animated shorts is more politically relevant than ever beforeDespite these broadly serious themes, there is humor and beauty to be found in the films as well. That is the true beauty of The Animation Show of Shows — the show is a blend of humor, art, history and philosophy, equal parts educational and entertaining, a must see for anyone seeking to be a film buff or an informed citizen. - Kate Granruth, The Cavalier Daily"
Why You Should Go: This one-stop shop of cartoons from around the world offers a sampler plate of many of the finest films of the year. We promise you’ll know more about the Animated Short category than anyone else at your Oscar party. - John Seroff,
The absolute showstopper was the 15-minute “The Burden”, by Sweden’s Niki Lindroth von Bahr, who builds miniature worlds—like the supermarket, hotel, and industrial park in this one—and then writes spooky, modern-classical songs for animal puppets to sing. (Who knew fish worried about skin conditions and divorce?) - Ken Eisner, The Georgia Straight
The 19th Annual Animation Show of Shows is a delicious buffet of 16 animated treats — something for all tastes, with equal parts hilarity, inspiration, and cautionary tales.- Robert Bloomberg, Eat Drink Films
The "Show of Shows" offers a welcome reminder that an animated film can be as intimate and personal as a signature. - Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times 

The sixteen were, as usual, widely varied in subjects and animation techniques, so each viewer will have different favorites. I enjoyed it all. Fred Patton, Animation Scoop

With THE 19TH ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOWS OF SHOWS, Ron Diamond curates yet another cornucopia of styles, art and ideas. - James van Maanen, TrustMovies


Female empowerment. Parent-child relationships. The primal nature of man. Those are just a few of the subjects tackled in the “18th Animation Show of Shows.” an international smörgåsbord of art and culture. True to form, the visual inventiveness and thematic depth on display in some of these shorts is a testament to the strength of the short film format in the hands of a skilled artist. - Cameron Rasmusson, The Sandpoint Reader

All the WonderCon 2017 panels you don't want to miss Check out 17 new animated shorts that left impressions at film festivals around the world. - Tracy Brown, Los Angeles Times

An Astonishing Collection Of Films the 18th Annual Animation Show of Shows is an experience that you don’t want to miss. It’s not every day that you can completely lose yourself in 16 different universes without getting out of your seat - Ashley Neftule, PHX SUX

This feature-length animated shorts program showcases the most astounding animation of all kinds from around the world.The Animation Show of Shows is like a mega-flight of the best spirits in the world, representing a broad range of human experiences, from the dramatic to the comedic, from the sentimental to the macabre - Elijah Davidson, Reel Spirituality

a Wondrous Potpourri of Techniques, Budgets and GenresOnly when witnessing such array of storytelling methods both in tone and tools can one fully appreciate animation as a art form unbound by the self-imposed rules of its most commercial iterations, but liberated by those who find in the medium the ideal format to shared their worldviews. - Carlos Aguilar, Movie Maker

The 18th “Show of Shows” provides a welcome reminder of the tradition of animation as a vehicle for personal artistic expression.The annual “Animation Show of Shows” has become an important event, bringing the more personal and experimental films from the international festival circuit to larger audiences. - Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times

Much of the program has an air of NPR/PBS about it, arty and intellectual but not too arty and intellectual, exuding lighthearted whimsy, slice-of-life observations, and gentle liberal values.Bob Ignizio, Cleveland Movie Blog

‘Animation Show of Shows’ overflows with cutting-edge shorts.For most of its history, “Show of Shows” has exclusively toured animation studios, schools and sundry societies. But now we can all see the curated films, and it’s well worth it. - Tom Keogh, The Seattle Times
the multicultural, multidisciplinary, eclectic collection comes into perspective as a whole.Eighteen years into the series, “Animation Show of Shows” still feels vibrant and relevant. - Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle
The 18th Annual Collection Defines the State-of-The Art from Around the World.animation can take complex human emotion and experience and distill them to their essence. The power of imagery is such that often, no language is required - Robert Bloomberg, Eat Drink Films
The 18th Small they may be, but never underestimate the power of the animated short film. These tiny tales often pack quite the punch,and sometimes leaves their feature-length peers in the dust when it comes to emotion, message and style. - Keith Garcia, Westword
The 18th This festival really stands out in a magnificent way. It shows young illustrators and animators that they can accomplish their dreams and that they can do anything.These animators are our future filmmakers and seeing their work helped me dream big and touch the sky. - Morgan Bertsch, Kids First
 Whimsical designs and captivating stop-motion. You’ll witness all these visual treats and much more during this buzzed-about screening.These deeply resonant stories feature relevant themes and eye-popping visuals. - Francis Flisiuk, The Portland Phoenix

The entire crowd was doubled over laughing at... Afternoon Class... at least we were. There is no better way to describe what it feels like to sit in a smelly Wilson classroom at 3 p.m. listening to a lecture that has no relevance to your life than this animated short. Guaranteed or your money back. Mandi Cai & Kenji Endo, The Blognonian. 


OSCARS SHORTLIST - 10 Animated Shorts Advance in 2015 Oscar Race - Press Release, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Congratulations to Ron Diamond's Showcasing four films being shortlisted! - Kristen Mcleod, ASIFA SF Oscars: Breaking Down 2015's Animated Short Contenders - Kristopher Tapley, Variety 'Toon into Academy Award Contenders - Jason Anderson, Toronto Star
I was utterly charmed by the whimsy and depth of this 97-minute mix Diamond is rescuing from underexposure; ditch the multiplex and pencil in one of these dates. - Stephanie Smittle, Arkansas Times
It's a fantastic experience curated by Ron Diamond, the founder of Los Angeles-based Acme Filmworks and a longtime champion of animation who in the 1980s was involved with the International Tournee of Animation and the Animation Celebration festivals and subsequent anthologies. A highlight is World of Tomorrow, a dazzling 17-minute meditation on the possibilities of life that is by turns heartbreaking, funny, surreal and deeply affecting. It's like a really good Terrence Malick film boiled down and played out with stick figures. - Philip Martin, Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette
One of the things I love about animation is its heightened sense of reality. A medium of storytelling filtered through pure imagination, animation done right makes fantasy more fantastic, emotion more poignant and humanity more human. That sense is evident in every frame of the “17th Annual Animation Show of Shows” a curated collection of the year’s best work in animation shorts. Featuring submissions from all across the globe, the “Animation Show of Shows” demonstrates that people really do have more commonalities than differences. - Cameron Rasmusson, The Sandpoint Reader
If you really want to be dazzled, cracked up and moved to tears over the course of 90-some minutes, skip the multiplexes and hit this.Seeing a great animated short that’s not emblazoned with a Pixar stamp or a product logo is becoming increasingly rare, so the mere existence of The 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows cause for celebration. Best of all, curator Ron Diamond’s selections this year couldn’t be better.                                                   - Tony Kay, City Arts Magazine
A delightful crop of underexposed animated shorts. For their 17th go-round, the show goes public, touring commercial venues for the first time with a longer list of films than one usually finds when the Oscar Nominated Shorts program hits theaters each winter. Though that series benefits from the Academy's imprimatur, this one boasts more than enough new and established talent (not to mention the latest effort by Hertzfeldt) to fill houses as it tours across the country. - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter
They’re breathtaking in their diversity and gorgeous to view. The Animation Show of Shows is fun and artistic—see it! - Marc Glassman, Classical 96.3
These are some of the most emotionally and intellectually satisfying movie experiences I've had in 2015. I’ll take any opportunity to urge people towards the seventeen life-changing minutes of Don Herzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow. It’s a beautiful and thought-provoking piece of work, equally hopeless and life-affirming, dire and playful and powerful all at once. The rest of the program is extremely strong, all killer and no filler. A few of the shorts even rival World of Tomorrow - Daniel Barnes - E Street Film Society
A lovely collection of 11 shorts Exquisite animation in a variety of styles makes this collection of 11 shorts a visual feast. Unlike the haphazard crazy quilt of visual styles and thematic approaches that characterize most other collections, a gentle winsome feeling tinged with melancholy is the thread that runs through the films chosen by curator Ron Diamond for this Show of Shows. - Soren Andersen, Seattle Times
The 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows' is One of the Most Profound Cinematic Experiences of 2015 Constructed of 11 fantastic animated shorts showcasing a wide range of techniques within the medium’s spectrum, plus four documentary portraits on selected filmmakers, this feature-length festival of wonder overflows with sublime craftsmanship Carlos Aguilar, Indiewire
Among the most entertaining and emotionally affecting films I’ve seen all year. I’ve not yet traveled (again) to a galaxy far, far away or wintered with eight hateful outlaws, but I can’t imagine seeing a more creative slate of films than the ones featured in The Animation Show of Shows Elijah Davidson, Reel Spirituality
Animation fans--Don't miss 17th annual 'Animation Show of Shows' Overall, the feeling is of deep contemplation. This is not animation as slapstick and there are no formulas here. The techniques vary, but all are filled with beauty. If you love animation, don't miss this presentation - Jana Monji, Pasadena Art Examiner
One thing animation always does better than live action is showing the world from a radically different perspective. Some of the films selected for Ron Diamond’s annual curated animation showcase take viewers into space and eons into the future. Others give us fresh terrestrial vantage points. - Joe Bendel, J.B. SPINS Film Blog
Beautifully crafted, unique films The techniques of these innovative films range from hand-drawn, paint on glass and stop-motion, to the latest computer-generated imagery, with its ability to conjure entire worlds with astonishing verisimilitude. Together these films capture, in the words of Andrew Stanton, director of Finding Nemo, “all the wit, cleverness, integrity, warmth and humor that humanity is capable of,” and have a universal appeal that makes them ideal for sharing with family and friends. – Linda Steiner, Village View Publications
You’re bound to find something you like in the 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows, a collection of this year’s “best” These eleven films showcase the breadth of moods, narratives, and styles of animated films. Though wildly different from one another, all are playful, contemplative, and delightful–some intensely so. - The Movie Fiend
11 Reasons to See All 11 Shorts at the Animation Show of Shows a rare opportunity for film fans since animated short films generally don’t receive theatrical distribution unless they precede the latest Disney or Pixar feature. But for nearly two decades, curator Ron Diamond has been culling the best cartooning work from around the world for showcasing. In that time, 29 of his picks have gone on to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film with nine of them ultimately winning the accolade.- Daniel Schindel, Los Angeles Magazine
It’s called the “Show of Shows,” and that’s lofty but animator Ron Diamond’s 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows deserves fanfare. It’s odd that the type of film in which there is the most sense of lightness, immediacy and play requires intensive labor, great craft and even greater care. - Richard von Busack, Pacific Sun
Cool shit this collection feels like all the best ponies brought out to prance. These are not students experimenting. Suzette Smith, Portland Mercury
...the general public will have an opportunity to theatrically view the eleven short films... This opportunity should not be wasted. Readers alarmed at missing the prior sixteen annual Animation Show Of Shows should take a deep breath.  Unless you worked for such places as DreamWorks or Pixar, you had no way of seeing this annual collection of animated shorts selected from film festivals around the world.  Now, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign... - Peter Wong, BeyondChron
Visually and tonally diverse…… but with all tell accessible stories suit-able for almost all ages. (In other words, there’s no plot-less avant-garde stuff or “sick and twisted” material.) - Marc Mohan, The Oregonian 
The selection offers an eclectic mix of humor, heart and humanity - Over the past 16 years, The Animated Show of Shows has screened countless new and inventive short films exclusively for animation studios, societies and festivals. This year, creator and curator Ron Diamond is proud to announce that the showcase will be screened in theaters nationwide in an effort to expose the general public to the work of some of the world's most innovative and exciting animators. - Tarek Shoukri, Indiewire
The creativity and technical variety on display in this year’s excellently curated collection is truly inspiring - The Animation Show of Shows has a rich history of chronicling an eclectic mix of the year’s most weird and wonderful animated shorts. - Daniel Caylor, On Animation
I love this. - There’s something delicious and wonderful about someone having to compress entire concepts or ideas into a compressed frame. Christopher Stripp, Slash Film
expressive, vivid and unique. - There’s a burgeoning world of animated shorts out there, though, artists who take a sliver of time and conjure up something wonderful. Luke Sneyd, Biff Bam Pop!
creative, moving and stellar to watch. - the animated shorts are amazing gems. Adam Sidsworth, Toronto Film Scene
more than the sum of its parts. - Animators tackle everything from unreciprocated crushes to the existential mysteries of human cloning. Entertainment Today
A striking variety of animated shorts - with each film’s distinctive style only unified to the whole in how it clearly reflects its filmmaker’s vision. Short films are like that, and animated shorts even more so – a great short film is like a tone poem, or a painting, the creator’s thoughts expressed in focused bursts of inspiration and craft. Dennis Perkins, Maine Today
this one boasts some-more than adequate new and determined talent - curator Ron Diamond avoids quite epitome outings, though a narratives he selects run a progression in terms of style. Rocky 1911, People Magazines
the breadth of creative expression on display throughout these 11 shorts is consistently exciting - celebrating the extensive array of animation being done outside the mainstream kids-movie arena - Nick Schager, Film Journal International
Don't miss it. I'm so pleased that beginning this year Ron is able to expand the showings of his annual compilation to cities outside of New York and LA. If you get the chance, grab it - run to the theater - don't think twice. You won't regret the experience. - Jerry Beck, Animation Scoop/Indiewire
Of the many things I’ve always admired about Ron, one is his boundless and infectious enthusiasm for animated short films Ron is relentless in his search for great short films. His eye for talent, for cinematic excellence in animation, is unmatched. - Dan Sarto,
Expands to Berkeley at the Elmwood, now all of the Bay Area can see this amazing compilation - KPFK This is an excellent show of independent animation - Karl Cohen, Cine Source The Arthouse Convergence Supports the Animation Show of Shows - Sydney Levine, Sydney's Buzz/Indiewire Animation Show of Shows to screen in Theaters Across U.S. for First Time - Terry Flores – Variety Acme Filmworks Brings '17th Annual Animation Show of Show' to Theaters - Jennifer Wolf, Animation World Network The 17th annual Animation Show of Shows is on its way to San Francisco October 9-15 - Seth Hemmelgarn, The Bay Area Reporter Animation Show of Shows Goes Theatrical - Bill Desowitz, Immersed in Movies The 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows kicks off Thursday, September 24th - Ryan Gallagher, CriterionCast The Animation Show of Shows reached its Kickstarter goal earlier this summer - Terry Flores – Variety
The animated short film is a great art form — always beautiful, innovative, and extremely entertaining. The Animation Show of Shows is the best place to see all the latest and greatest animated short films. You will never be disappointed John LasseterChief Creative Officer, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios
Unfettered invention, heart, and ingenuity - these are the films that remind me why I love animation - Chris Wedge, Director, Ice Age
Here we have art and fun mixed together in the best possible way - Ed Catmull, President, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios
Animated Shorts are where animators can really push the limits of what animation can do! They can experiment with new techniques and methods of storytelling. These DVDs bring together some of the best shorts produced by some of the best filmmakers working today, doing things that can only be done in this amazing medium - Pete Docter, Director of Monster's Inc., Up!, Inside Out
A rare opportunity to experience the unique and pure vision of these filmakers through both their story telling abilities and artistic imaginings - Jill Culton, Director of Open Season
These cartoons are the best in contemporary animation: quick, beautiful, funny, and surprising. Watch these inspiring shorts and you'll get the itch to make your own! - Matt Groening, Creator of The Simpsons
A terrific collection - each a small animated portrait of the filmmaker's wonderful wit or heart or wild imagination or all three! - Bob Peterson, Co-Director of Up!
I wanted to thank Ron Diamond for his "Show of Shows" and for his incredible energy in championing the art of animation throughout the world and over the years - and for his enduring dedication in bringing these very special works of art to ever new audiences. No wonder Ron was recently awarded the - 'UCLA Animation Workshop’s Crystal Anvil Achievement Award' for contributions to the art of animation. Congratulations. It's an honour to be a part of this very worthwhile non-profit initiative. - Nick Park, Creator of Wallace and Gromit
No one sees more animated shorts and goes to more festivals then Ron. So, at the end of the year when he presents his selections for the Show of Shows, you know it's going to be special. He has a keen eye for talented and unique filmmakers and his show is a wonderful showcase for animation fans around the world to enjoy.- Matt O'Callaghan
The animation show of shows is everything you can hope to see in animation. Ron Diamond has done amazing work to provide talented artists a chance to be exposed, and audiences a chance to be amazed. He has been very generous with his time and contribution and I really hope to see this non profit get the kick start it deserves! - Daniel Olivas
I've always been amazed and inspired by the films Ron selected in the past years. It's so exciting to support Animation Show of Show to reach a broader audience. Looking forward to the next Show! - Yangzi
Ron's "Show of Shows" is always unique and wonderful. - Carolyn Bates
Your Show of Shows is like a second Christmas and the sheer effort and passion you've had to sustain this deserves the community to start giving back something! - Jim le Fevre
Thank you for your dedication to bringing animation from around the world to a broader audience. SO happy to help this project out and bring art to more people. Art makes the world a better place, and animation is one of my favorite forms of art! - Stephanie Phillips
I'm glad I can support Ron in continuing his great and unique work - bringing the best animated films to the wider audience. Each of the movies from the past ASOS is a masterpiece and I hope to see many more of those! - Weronika
I have had the great pleasure to watch Ron's show every year for the past 6 years, and it is a truly fantastic program--and every time, it reminds me why I fell in love with animation in the first place. - Dark Planet Comics
Ron's a champion of the indie animator. If you back one... project this year, this one will impact the most artists for years to come! - Carrie Francis Parks
The Animation Show of Shows is and has been a bright spot in my life for many years. Along with so many in the animation world, thanks to Ron's dedication and the unique and excellent artists he champions, I have been inspired, moved, awed and delighted over and over. I am proud to support this important project and the chance to bring this joyous art form to as broad an audience as possible. - Yvette Kaplan
The Animation Show of Shows has contributed greatly to the dissemination of this lively and all too esoteric art form -- the short, animated auteur film -- and my hope is that this venture will expand that effort to new venues and new audiences. Ron has tirelessly championed this work for decades and his respect and affection for the creators of these films and promoting their visibility is legendary. I have been lucky to have had 6 short animated films that I produced or co-produced as an NFB producer, nominated for Academy Awards® and each of these films was selected and circulated in the Animation Show of Shows prior to that nomination. See a connection there? I am happy to have this chance to tangibly thank Ron for his part in those honors. Good luck Animation Show of Shows! - Marcy Page
In the past the Animation Show of Shows has provided a great chance to watch wonderful films that otherwise might not get seen, and believe me, these films are worth seeing! I hope we'll get to see more in the future, here's to keeping the show going!- Monica Bruenjes
I'm proud to support the Animation Show of Shows - thanks to Ron's curation and dedication, beautiful animated shorts can be seen by students, professionals, and enthusiasts all around the world even if you can't make it to festivals! It's an important program to audiences and artists, and I wish you the best with continuing it, Ron! - Lisa LaBracio
The Animation Show of Shows is an invaluable venue and resource for the appreciation of the art of animation. Seeing a collection of independent animated shorts projected in a theater is what inspired me as a teenager to study animation, leading to a fun and challenging career. Thank you Ron, for continuing to bring inspiration to new generations of artists, for giving access to the work of unique talents from around the world, and for everything you continue to do to bring personal visions to the wider public through your studio. - Peter Chung
There are so few opportunities to see shorts in a theater. It's just not the same on a TV, computer, phone, or tablet. The best work deserves to be showcased with the the care, quality, and undivided attention theatrical exhibition provides. - John Hazelton
May this foster and inspire many more great works. - Fuzzbee Morse
I have been to The Animation Show of Shows several times and I also have several DVD sets of the best of the best works. Cannot wait to see the new one. Thank you Ron for your tremendous effort! - Boris Zhitomirsky
I loved watching TASOS when I was at PDI (I'm in one of the pictures on the KS video), and now that it's gone I have been missing the opportunity to see the best of the year. Hopefully this will help everyone get easier access to these great shorts. - Taynaron