Press Coverage of the Animation Show of Shows

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"...once Diamond has selected all of that year's animated gems he'd then truck this feature-length compilation to animation studios like Disney, Pixar and Blue Sky. All with the hope that -- by exposing these creatives to what the next generation of animators was up to -- he'd then inspire these folks to explore unexpected ideas." - Jim Hill, Huffington Post

"one of the industry’s most respected annual showcases, has moved into a new era with the establishing of The Animation Show of Shows, Inc. as a non-profit organization. In keeping with the spirit of the event itself, the organization’s mission is to restore, preserve and promote animated shorts.."-Skwigly

"Diamond is preparing a series of films to give context to the animated shorts and tell compelling back stories about the artists. ...but he sees this element as a great opportunity to showcase animators who otherwise wouldn’t be known outside the industry."- Jennifer Wolfe, Animation World Network

"Film archivist and animation buff Ron Diamond is seeking money to preserve and restore classic animated shorts — including the 1964 classic The Hangman. He also wants to keep doing his show, in which he shows off great animated short films to audiences (including an upcoming event at San Diego Comic Con). And he wants to do profiles of animation creators. And finally, he wants the resources to bring truly great animated short films to audiences on the big screen."- Charlie Jane Anders, io9

"The popular annual animation industry event The Animation Show of Shows has established itself as a nonprofit organization whose mission is to restore, preserve and promote animated short films..."- Tom Mclean, Animation Magazine